Precise ID

This product is only available in the Architect Edition of Easy Access.

Precise ID combines a wide range of fraud-fighting and identity authentication tools that utilize industry-leading data sources to provide an accurate picture of each applicant. It also provides analytics that produce actionable fraud scores for application fraud and identity screening.

Precise ID can also access Knowledge IQSM, a knowledge-based authentication (KBA) feature designed to authenticate the identity of a consumer through a question-response session. This feature provides multiple-choice questions where only a true consumer knows the correct answers. Access to Knowledge IQ through Precise ID allows institutions to take more of a risk-based approach to authentication. Clients may view the Precise ID score, along with other criteria, and forward only the riskier consumers to a Knowledge IQ session.

Please note.  Precise ID is a Experian specialized product and you will need to be setup by Experian to be able to use this product even if you already have a subscriber number for pulling credit reports. Contact your Experian representative for more information.

Precise ID data can only be entered into Easy Access by using Manual Importing, the Watch Directory feature or the built in HTTP Server.

Click here for detailed information on how to use Precise ID in Easy Access.

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