Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Update My Software?
Updates for Easy Access are available for download or on CD. Registered users receive one year of technical support and software updates. Visit our License Management Area.

Why can’t I use the same Serial Number multiple times?
A unique Serial Number is generated during the installation of the software on any computer. Real Solutions uses that Serial Number to generate a unique Registration Number. Entering the Registration Number takes the software out of Trial mode and permits sending live inquiries after the trial period ends. You cannot use the same Registration Number on two computers.

What is the License ID used for?
Your License ID is assigned to you when you purchase Easy Access. If you purchase multiple licenses of the software, each will have it’s own unique License ID. You can use your License ID to install Easy Access. If you have Internet access, you can use the Register Now button to register your license online automatically. If you need to move the software to another computer, you will need your License ID to do so.

To find your License ID, while in Easy Access, click on the F4 (or click on the Help Menu > About), this will take you to the About Box, then click on the Registration Tab for all of your license information.

Why am I unable to select certain products?
If you see some products that you cannot select, one of the following is the cause:

· You have selected an add-on Product that is not available with the product you selected.
· You are sending using a department that is set up for Internet as the Connection Type and the product is not available over Internet. To correct this, you can enter a phone number into your department setup and Easy Access can use your dialup modem to request these products directly from the credit bureau.


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