Edition Overview

Real Solutions is setting the standard in powerful, easy to use software for retrieving credit and other specialized information from the three major credit bureaus. We have enhanced just about every feature of Easy Access to make a program that is both user-friendly and ready for today’s operating systems.

There are 4 editions of Easy Access. Standard, Professional, Enterprise and Architect Edition. All Editions come in either a single bureau version (either Experian, TransUnion or Equifax) or a Multi Bureau version which gives you access to all 3 credit bureaus. All 3 pull reports directly over your Internet connection, directly from the credit bureau. Since you are not connecting through a 3rd party you are always paying the lowest cost possible for your reports.

All Editions can be networked. Meaning, you can install the software to a location that can be shared between multiple workstations. While it can be shared with as many workstations as you want to set up, our standard network licensing allows only one user in the software at one time (concurrent). This can be increased up to 70 concurrent users.

The following information will explain the difference in the features between the 4 Editions of Easy Access. As always, if you have any questions that don’t seem to be answered here, please give us a call or email us for further details.

Standard Edition

The Standard Edition is where it all starts, more of the ‘original’ version that has been around since 1992. It was designed for customers who want to manually enter inquiry information into Easy Access and don’t need to have any type of importing, exporting automation with any other application.  With this Edition, the user will need to launch the software to use its features.  Since users need to be in the software to use the features in the Standard Edition, if you plan on sharing it across the network, you will need to consider how many users will need to be in the software at one time.

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Professional Edition

The next step in the evolution of Easy Access is the Professional Edition.  While the Standard Edition only allows you to have 15 separate Departments  setup (multiple subscriber accounts), the Professional gives you the option to upgrade to 200+ separate accounts Departments. Perfect for resellers. It also allows you to manually import and automatically Export data and create custom reports and much more.

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Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition is our full-blown Automated Credit Retrieval Engine.  It includes all of the features of the Standard and Professional Editions but can be set up to automatically import inquiry information and export the credit bureaus report. It also has a built-in HTTP Server making integration with other applications seamless.

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Architect Edition

We are proud to announce the Architect Edition of Easy Access. The Standard, Professional and Enterprise Editions support a multitude of products, add-ons and features, the Architect Edition offers companies a way to integrate their applications with Experian’s Precise ID product, allowing an interactive solution right from within their own software.

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Whether you’re looking for a simple single bureau solution or a full multi bureau, multi-user, multithreaded credit engine, Easy Access has an Edition that will meet your needs.

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