Version has now been released. Added TLS encryption for Experian’s Net Connect connection. See all the changes below. Visit the License Management Area to download this latest version. You will need to have your License ID in order to download. If you don’t have it handy, visit our Contact Page and email us.

See this page for a complete list of revisions (all released updates)

  • Added TLS encryption for Experian’s Net Connect connection.
    On 2/6/2015, Experian is requiring all HTTPS connections to use TLS encryption. For the last few years, Easy Access has been using a HTTPS component that automatically switches to this encryption method if the server it was connecting to required it. While this component is supposed to do this, it has never been tested in the ‘real’ world as Experian has been using SSL 3.0 encryption. Because of this, in this update, we have added additional code to ensure that our Experian customers will have a smooth transition for Experian’s new encryption requirement on 2/6/2015.
  • Removed old COM Object which hasn’t been supported for years and was causing problems with newer versions of Windows forcing many users to check the ‘Always run this application as administrator’ option in the properties of the Easy Access shortcut.
  • Added a lot of new test files off the Edit Menu
  • When pulling a TransUnion Canadian FFR/Text (Both) report, the Text portion of the report was not being formatted correctly. Fixed.
  • If the Debug Log was turned on, 2 TransUnion reports would be stored and/or Exported. Fixed.