Backup or Pay

One of the most overlooked features of Easy Access is its Backup/Restore utility.  While most don’t think about it until their PC crashes, it is also very convenient when it comes to moving Easy Access from one PC to another.

The Backup/Restore utility not only backs up your data (credit reports, inquiries and bureau setup) but also backs up other settings, like preferences and the Trans Union digital certificate files.  The backup created is just one large file, making it easy to put on a CD, USB drive or to transfer across the network.

So, before you attempt to reinstall the software on another PC or before you PC crashes on you, see our Backup/Restore utility and save yourself a lot of time.  Most customers end up having to call and wait for credit bureaus to call them back with subscriber number and passwords before they are able to start pulling reports again.  Let Easy Access do the work for you.

And, of course, if you currently have support with us and run into problems, just give us a call.