‘Plug-in’ the Easy Access Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition of Easy Access makes it easy to create a powerful ‘Credit Engine’ for your company.  With its built-in HTTP Server, automatic importing and exporting and its COM interface, Easy Access can easily handle the largest of customers.

But lately, we have been overwhelmed by the amount of customers looking to get rid of their current ‘Pay as you Go’ Integration partners.  While we won’t mention any names here, these applications import the customers inquiries and then export out the report in a specific format so the customers application can pick them up and process them.  Easy Access can easily be customized to mimic these other applications.  And since we don’t add any cost to the customer’s credit report (we give you a direct connection to the credit bureau), our customers are saving a ton of money.  Normally, they are looking for the following:

  • Access to the credit bureau over their existing Internet Connection
  • Integration with their application just like they are currently integrating with other 3rd party applications.
  • No additional charges per pull like many ‘Pay as you Go’ software integrators out there.

Once you have a license of Easy Access, the only monthly bill you get will come from your credit bureau.

This page is dedicated to those customers who are looking to save money by NOT paying a ‘Per Report’ charge, over and above the standard credit bureau charge.  While each situation is different, these instructions should, at least, point you in the right direction to ‘Plugging In’ Easy Access into your current integration scheme. These instructions also assume that you are currently having inquiries imported (file based import) into another application and that application than exports the credit bureaus report.

  1. If you haven’t yet, install Easy Access.  A 21-day trial version is available here for download.  It will give you plenty of time to build and your integration with your application.  Follow the Setup Wizard to complete setting up Easy Access.  Once setup, click on the Edit Menu > Insert Test File and pick a test file to send to the credit bureau.  This will let you know everything is set up correctly before you start to work on the Integration portion of the setup.
  2. Click on the File Menu > Setup Options > Bureau Setup.  Verify that you have the correct ‘Output Type’ selected.  Make sure it matches what you are used to seeing from your other 3rd party application.  Also, if you are planning on pulling a report other than a standard credit report, click on the Defaults Button in the Bureau Setup and click on the Products ButtonThis will show you all the reports available for your selected bureau.  Choose the report you wish to receive.
  3. Click OK, OK, OK… until you are out of the Setup Options.  This will save what you have done so far.

Now that you have the software installed and setup for the type of report you wish to pull, it is time to set up your Importing and Exporting.