Net Connect

Experian requires that you change your Net Connect password every 90 days.

1. The first step in getting setup with Experian Net Connect is to fill out the security Addendum forms. This paperwork must be completed to receive your Experian reports over your Internet connection. These forms are provided by your Experian Representative.

2. Once the paperwork has been processed, you will be given a Head Designate username and password by Experian (usually provided through email). You must now login to the SSP site and change the Head Designate password to a password of your choice.

3. Next, using your Head Designate account, you will need to login to Experian’s SSP site and create a new Net Connect User account. The password that is emailed to you once this account is created will now need to be changed by returning to the SSP site and selecting ‘Change password’.

note The Head Designate account cannot be used to pull reports through Net Connect.

4. Next you will need to start Easy Access, go to your File Menu and choose Setup Options. Click on the Bureau Setup and change your connection type from Dialup to The Internet. If you have not password protected the software, you will now be prompted to enter an Administrator and User password. Experian certification requires that you set up these separate administrator and user passwords within Easy Access to restrict access to the software itself. If you ever need to view or change your User and Administrator password information this can be done in the bureau setup.

6. Click on your Bureau tab. Enter the Net Connect UserID and Net Connect Pword from the User account you created in step 3.

You should now be set up to receive your Experian credit reports using your Internet connection.

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