Licensing Editions

Easy Access is available in four Editions. To find out which Edition you are currently running, click on the Help menu and choose About.

Standard Edition
The Standard Edition includes most features of Easy Access, including TCP/IP or dial-up connectivity, denial letters, credit report storage, batch reports, administrative reports, and program customization.



Professional Edition
The Professional Edition includes the tools required for software integration. If you have an existing application and wish to integrate it with Easy Access, this version includes all the Importing and Exporting capabilities you will need to get started. Advanced program features such as connection and print servers and fully customizable administrative reports are also included.


Enterprise Edition
enterprise-190The Enterprise Edition includes all the features of the Professional Edition and takes integration a step further by functioning as a ‘credit engine’ solution. It includes features such as Automated File-Based Importing/Exporting, HTTP Server and COM Interfacing.A Virtual Serial Port add-on is also available if you need to integrate legacy applications that are limited to dial-up connectivity.


Architect Edition
We are proud to announce the Architect Edition of Easy Access. The Standard, Professional and Enterprise Editions support a multitude of products, add-ons and features, the Architect Edition offers companies a way to integrate their applications with Experian’s Precise ID product, allowing an interactive solution right from within their own software.

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