Add/Send Inquiries

Adding a new inquiry and sending to the credit bureau is very easy to do with Easy Access.

1. Add a new inquiry

In order to receive a credit report or other type of report from the credit bureau, you must first add the inquiry to be sent to the credit bureau.

In Easy Access this can be done by:

Clicking on the New Inquiry Button from the Tool Bar.

Clicking on the Edit Menu and choose Add New Inquiry.

This will bring up the Inquiry Entry Form. Click the Products Button to select the products, add-ons and risk models you want to send with your inquiry. Then just start filling out the form. Usually, the more fields filled in, the better chance you have of receiving the correct information from the credit bureau.

If you forget a Mandatory field, Easy Access will remind you to fill them in before you save the inquiry. Each credit bureau has different required fields, depending on the type of report you are running. For more information on entering information into Easy Access, please see the Inquiry Entry Form section.

Easy Access keeps track of what types of reports you have retrieved. By clicking on the down-arrow next to the New Inquiry button, you can select from a list of different report types you have pulled in the past.

2. Send the Inquiry
Once you have completed entering the information, click on the Send button at the top of the program. Clicking on the Send button will send only the inquiry you are currently looking at.

By clicking on the down-arrow next to the Send button, you can also send:

All Marked
This will send all of the marked inquiries in all departments for all users.

All for Current User
This will send only those marked inquiries owned by the current user. On network versions, or stand-alone versions used by more than one person and using passwords to log into the software, each inquiry is owned by the last person to edit the inquiry. Easy Access assigns a user to each inquiry based either on the password used to enter the software or the workstation ID login name, whichever is available. If no passwords are used to enter Easy Access, or if no Windows passwords are used, no Current User is assigned.

All Marked in Department
This will send all of the marked inquiries for a specified department.

That’s it. You have just added and sent an inquiry.

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