Import Mapping

In order for a record to be successfully imported, Easy Access must know where to put the information it is importing.

The Import Mapping lets you set the order of the data items in your comma-delimited import text file.


To map fields:

  1. Highlight the field you want to map in the Source Field by clicking on it with your mouse.
  2. Click on the Right Arrow button (>) to map the fields. The field name will appear in the Destination Fields list.
  3. Repeat until all of your data fields are mapped in the same order as your import text file.

If you make a mistake, you can click on the Left Arrow button (<) or which will un-map the selected Destination Field. To remove all the mappings, you can click on the Double Left Arrow button (<<). You can drag and drop fields in the Destination fields list if you need to rearrange their order.

Combined Address Fields
Easy Access can join 2 or more addr1_line1, addr2_line1 and/or addr3_line1 elements together. If your data has the street address elements in separate data fields, Easy Access can combine them into a single data field for importing purposes.

Example: This record has the street number, street name, street type and apartment number in separate fields.

John Smith, 999-99-9990, 123, Main, Street, Apt 2, Los Angeles, CA, 90000

For each address element, just add addr1_line1’s repeatedly until all elements are accounted for. The import map would look like this:

fullname John Smith
SSN 999-99-9990
addr1_line1 123
addr1_line1+1 Main
addr1_line1+2 Street
addr1_line1+3 Apt 2

This would import all of the separate elements into one data item in the Address field in Easy Access (123 Main Street Apt 2).

note Enterprise Edition users can automatically import using a Watch Directory.

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