Need to find an Inquiry

While listening to some support calls, I noticed that many customers don’t realize how easy it is to find Inquiries in Easy Access.

Here is a quick tip that will help you find what you are looking for in just a few seconds.

To sort the Inquiry list, just click on the column header (shown in the red box).  The list will automatically sort by the column your click on.  You will see a little arrow (see blue arrow) next to the column that is being sorted.  You will also see the name of the column next to the search box (see orange arrow). You then can type what you are looking for in the search box and it will search that column.  If you are looking for an Inquiry that has the last name of Smith, click on the last name column, it will be sorted then by the last name, then start typing Smith into the search box.  As you type each character, the list will automatically jump to the closest match.  Mr. Smith will be in front of you in no time.