Moving Easy Access to another PC

If you want to move Easy Access to a new computer you will need to Reset the current installation before Real Solutions can re-register your software.  Follow these steps to install Easy Access on your new PC and reset and uninstall Easy Access from the original computer.

  1. Optional: To make the transition easier, use the Backup Utility to backup all of your settings and databases (File Menu > Backup / Restore > Backup Databases & Settings).
  2. Download and Install Easy Access on the new PC. You will need to have your License ID for this. Visit the License Management page on our website to download.
  3. If you made a backup, copy the file to the new PC. When the Setup Wizard starts, cancel it and restore the file (File Menu > Backup / Restore > Restore Databases & Settings, otherwise setup the software using the Setup Wizard.
  4. Test the new installation and make sure everything is working properly.
  5. Start Easy Access on the OLD PC.
  6. Press F4 on your keyboard to bring up the About Box.
  7. Click the Registration tab.
  8. Click the Reset Button.
  9. Write down the Previous Serial Number and Confirmation Code given when the reset is complete.  You will need these numbers to re-register your software.
  10. Once the software has been reset, you can uninstall the software from the Add or Remove Programs applet in the Windows Control Panel.
  11. Call us or email us with your OLD serial number and Confirmation code that you were giving when you RESET the old software along with the NEW serial number that is displayed on the new installation, and we can get you registered.