Instant Decision Systems

TransUnion’s Instant Decidsion Systems (ACQUIRE) uses over 105 credit attributes and online scores to segregate consumers into different levels of credit quality. Clients may select as many or as few credit attributes as they deem applicable to their credit policies. Before an ACQUIRE job can be run, the client must define their ACQUIRE criteria with their TransUnion Sales Associate and the ACQUIRE team.

In order to use the ACQUIRE product, you should customize your Inquiry Entry Form to include Annual Income and Date Hired. You can also add Reference, Reference2 fields if you need to, based on the criteria you have defined with TransUnion. These fields are reserved for Client Use and are sent to TransUnion with Acquire.


This product is an instant prescreen tool which allows the credit grantor to cross-sell additional products to a customer requesting service.


This product is an automated decisioning tool that determines if a consumer qualifies for the credit products that they requested.


This product is used to manage risk against a client’s existing account holders and/or adjust credit limits or deposit levels on existing accounts.


This product is used primarily by utility companies to determine the need to collect a deposit or limit usage for new service startup.

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