Fraud Detect

TransUnion’s Fraud Detect searches for inconsistencies in the relationships among the input data elements with the purpose of flagging potentially fraudulent information. Input social security number, home and employment addresses, as well as phone numbers, date of birth, and driver’s license information are analyzed.

When selected, a Fraud Detect Button will be shown on the Consumer Information panel on the Inquiry Entry Form. Click on the Fraud detect button to bring up additional fields for this product.

The TU Fraud Detect report will not return the consumer’s name on the report. If you are sending more than one Fraud Detect at a time, you should also enter something in the Reference Field on the Inquiry Entry Form. Easy Access will send whatever you put in the Reference Field, and TransUnion will return this information on the report. This way, if you are sending multiple Fraud Detect reports, you will be able to reference them by the text you typed in the Reference Field. Make sure you make the reference unique, like the name of the consumer you are pulling.

Additional fields will appear on the Inquiry Entry Form when you select this product.

  • Credit Card Number
  • Expiration Date
  • State-DL
  • Employer’s Phone #

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