Compliance Verification

Compliance Verification provides additional verification of the consumer’s date of birth and
some level of basic match scoring, data validity, FACT Act High-Risk Fraud Alert messages, and
Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) review. This service is intended to assist those
customers who have a need to comply with the USA PATRIOT Act.
Compliance Verification provides access to:

  •  TransUnion’s consumer credit database to verify the consumer’s input name, current and previous addresses, and SSN against the same on the consumer’s file.
  • RPA [Reverse Phone Append], which is automatically invoked to provide a second verification of the consumer’s name and current address associated with the telephone number entered.
  • TransUnion’s consumer database to obtain the consumer’s Date of Birth, which eventually becomes part of the scoring criteria for the service.
  • High Risk Fraud Alert [HAWK], which is automatically invoked for selected messages.
  • OFAC Name Screen, which is automatically invoked as a security check.
  • Fraud tables, but only with corporate approval.

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