Experian Risk Models

Statistical models can be used to measure the probability of derogatory behavior such as charge-offs, delinquencies, repossessions, collection accounts and bankruptcies. Up to 5 Risk Models can be selected per inquiry.

Auto Risk Model RM-E
Bankruptcy Watch RM-5
CollectScore RM-G
Credit Union RM-X
Cross View Score RM-1
Custom Risk Model
Experian Bankruptcy RM-B
Experian/Fair, Isaac RM-I
Experian/Fair, Isaac Advanced RM-M
Experian/Fair, Isaac Auto RM-7
Experian/Fair, Isaac Auto V2 RM-V
Experian/Fair, Isaac Bankcard RM-9
Experian/Fair, Isaac Bankcard V2 RM-K
Experian/Fair, Isaac Personal Finance RM-8
Fair, Isaac Installment RM-N
Experian/Fair, Isaac Personal Finance RM-R
Fair, Issac V2 RM-F
Fair, Issac V3 RM-AA
Fair, Issac V8 RM-AF
Fraud Shield Score
*must select Fraud Shield *
Ins 3 & 5 RM-F3
Ins form 4 RM-F4
Ins, Non Std Auto RM-FN
Ins, Pref Auto RM-FP
Ins, Std Auto (min) RM-FM
Ins, Std Auto RM-FS
National Risk Model RM-3
National Equivalency Model RM-4
Old National Risk RM-A
RecoveryScore (Bank Card) RM-H
RecoveryScore (Retail Card) RM-J
Retail RM-D
Sureview RM-U
Tele Risk Model RM-L
VantageScore RM-Q
Wireless RM-W

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