CU/Credit Decission Expert

CU/Credit Decision Expert is a decisioning system that allows creditors to easily implement automated decisioning in their credit granting process. It provides customers with an approval decision, a risk classification, and an automated credit line recommendation based on customer specific credit policy and rules. It is a definitive scoring and risk management solution that can be implemented with minimal time and cost investment.

Additional fields will appear on the Inquiry Entry Form when you select this product.

Product Code
These codes are setup by the Customer and Experian. Contact your Experian representative for more information.

Checking this box gives the user the option to override the Experian decision response. A new box will appear which must contain the Reference ID from the original response.

Bureau Solutions Reference ID
(19 character limit) this number was assigned to this inquiry by Experian on the original transaction. Enter / or <spacebar> to move to the next field if necessary.

  • Decision Override Category – Type of Override applied by Credit Union. User defined.
  • Decision Override – (can be either A = accept or D = Decline)
  • Credit Limit Override Amount – cannot exceed 9999999.

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