Business Report

Experian Business will pull business credit reports from Experian through Net Connect. Easy Access connects to Experian Business through your Internet connection with TCP/IP.

To use this Experian feature you must first have an Experian business subscriber number. Contact your Experian representative for more information.

Business Profile

The Experian Business Profile is a comprehensive profile of a company’s credit history detailing payment behavior, public record history, and other pertinent data. Generally, the Business Name and Address are required to request an Experian Business Profile. If you input only the BIS File Number for the business, the Business Name and Address are not required.

Easy Access will return a Business Profile, List of Similars or No Record depending on how closely the information matches businesses in Experian’s database. If a List of Similars is returned, you can edit the same inquiry and add a BIS Similar Number and a XPR Trans Number to get a report.

Business Owner

  • Owner Profile Only
  • The Experian Business Owner Profile is a business credit report which imports consumer credit data on a business owner from Experian Consumer Information Services. The Business Owner’s personal credit history is then re-formatted for business credit decision-making purposes. This product requires End User information.
  • With Business Profile
  • An Experian Business Profile will be returned along with a Business Owner Profile. This product requires End User information.

Business Summary

The Experian Business Summary is an abbreviated credit profile listing summary credit variables and a general credit status for a business. This is designed for quick decisions on low balance/low margin accounts that might not otherwise warrant extensive credit checks.

Industry Trade Profile

The Experian Industry Trade Profile compiles trade payment information contributed by members of an industry trade group into a custom credit report, available only to members of that trade group. Members of the trade group must contribute their data to the Experian Business Information file to participate in this service. This service provides payment history on companies doing business with trade group members.

Industry Trade Profile with Business Profile

An Experian Business Profile will be returned along with an Industry Trade Profile.


The Experian Intelliscore services use statistical credit risk scoring models to predict the likelihood of a company becoming significantly delinquent. Each Experian Intelliscore provides the Intelliscore risk score, up to four primary factors contributing to the score, plus additional summary credit data supporting the score.

You must be set up in the Intelliscore Management database for the Commercial Intelliscore and Small Business Intelliscore models. In addition to being set up in the Intelliscore Management database, your subscriber number must also be allowed access for Business Owner Information in order to receive Small Business Intelliscore.

If you select this product and include Owner Information on the Inquiry, you will receive a Small Business Intelliscore.

Intelliscore with Business Profile

An Experian Business Profile will be returned along with an Intelliscore.

Portfolio Monitor

This account monitoring service notifies customers online of accounts experiencing a negative change in their credit status. Warnings are issued on a weekly basis, based on new derogatory legal filings, deteriorating payment trends, or derogatory account status comments. The following options are supported:

  • Summary
  • Notification List
  • Notification Detail
  • Notification Detail with Score
  • Notification Detail with PMId

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