MarketMax and MarketMax 2.0 is a leading-edge scoring solution for the “no-hit” or “no-score” market. MarketMax was developed for Equifax by LexisNexis and built on high risk flags and verification data of name, address, phone number, Social Security number and Date of Birth. These data sources used to verify these pieces of applicant data are exclusionary of the credit report. The three industry-specific sub-categories of MarketMax are: Auto, Finance (Bank Card), Retail (Retail Card) and Wireless.

MarketMax is a tool for use on inquiries when no credit data exists (a no-hit) or in conjunction with Equifax information on thin consumer inquiries. It generates a verification and risk assessment score for all consumers, regardless of their credit file history. Generally, validations have shown a 20% – 40% improvement in segmentation using a combined approach, and we believe this will have significant market appeal to customers looking to improve the performance of their existing credit scores. MarketMax can be
returned with or without a credit report.

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