Supported Products

Easy Access supports many products offered by your Credit Bureau.You can choose a product, add-on or risk model from the Inquiry Entry Form by clicking the Products button.

Equifax Products Experian Products TransUnion Products
  • Experian Products Experian Products
  • Equifax Products Equifax Products
  • TransUnion Products TransUnion Products

Products can add to the cost of an inquiry but can enhance the information returned by the credit bureau. Contact your representative for more information on products that would best suit your needs.

Easy Access supports a number of products that each Bureau offers. You can set the products up as defaults in the Bureau setup, or you can choose each product individually when you are entering each credit report by clicking the Products button on the Inquiry Entry Form.

Joint Inquiry
This must be checked if you are planning on running a Joint Inquiry. A joint inquiry will give you two credit reports back from the credit bureau. One on the primary and one on the spouse. Contact your credit bureau representative on cost differences. In some cases, it might be cheaper running a joint credit report on a husband and a wife than two separate single credit reports.

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