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Version Changes:

Please see the special notes before updating to version

  • Added TLS ver 1.2 support for Experian’s Demo and Production connections. This will be required for all Experian customers connecting to their Demo site or Production site in the next coming months.
  • Added support for installing TransUnios’s SHA2 Certificates. This version will install either the older SHA1 or the SHA2 certificate just in case TransUnion changes their requirements. Note: This will be a mandatory requirement for all TransUnion customers receiving their reports from TransUnion over the Internet by 2017.
  • Added support for the Military Lending Act, both as an add-on to the credit report or as a standalone product. Even though Easy Access supports MLA you will need to contact your credit bureau before you will be able to receive either MLA report. See this page for details.
  • Added additional Experian Risk Models:
    • Experian’s Fair, Isaac Auto V3 (RM-AB)
    • Experian’s Fair, Isaac Auto V8 (RM-AG)
    • Experian’s Fair, Isaac Auto V9 (RM-FE)
    • Experian’s Fair, Isaac V8 (RM-AF)
    • Experian’s Fair, Isaac V9 (RM-F9)
      Note: While Experian’s FICO® Score 9 suite now can be requested from Easy Access, clients must work with their Experian sales representatives to ensure signed agreements are in place prior to any implementation.
  • Equifax Print Image Changes. Now displays Equifax’s Acrofile Plus Print Image and the regular Print Image’s Headers and Page numbers. This is only for the human readable text reports.
  • Experian’s ‘auto’ 130 segment request. Certain Experian Risk Models (when requesting an ARF or Parallel Profile “Both” report) required that Segment 130 be requested also to receive the Risk Model. The customer would have to know which risk models required the 130 segment request and have to select it manually in Easy Access otherwise they would receive an error or just not get the Risk Model. Easy Access now does this for these new Risk Models.
  • New Debugging in Easy Access. Totally rewrote the Debug Log logic (that hopefully no-one will ever have to use). Now, not only can you open a visible Debug Log (Tools Menu > Debug > Debug Log) but you also now have the option to record the log while Easy Access is running. This way if Easy Access locks up for any reason you will still be able to view the Debug Log text file to help diagnose the problem. Also, when you setup the debug to automatically save to a file, this option is also used if you have the Enterprise version running as an NT Service. This will make debugging NT Service problems much easier than scrolling through Windows Service Messages. NOTE: When using the logging function it does use more system resources and thus should slow down the software (though not noticeable). Even more when recording to a file. So, the Debug Log really should only be used when debugging possible problems that you might be experiencing in Easy Access.
  • Simplified Debug Menu. Removed some Debug Menu options now that they really are obsolete when using the new Debug Log option.
  • Fixed: Now sending our correct Vendor ID with TransUnion Inquires.
  • Fixed: When Easy Access was originally written back in 1993, it used modems to dial up to the credit bureaus to return reports. Now sending over the Internet is the only way Easy Access will transmit inquiries. But, in some circumstances, when the credit bureau returns an HTTP error, Easy Access would still check to see if it could dial up instead and return a ‘Dialup Error’ to the user.
  • Fixed: Occasionally, a ‘List Index Out Of Bounds’ error that would occur in the RulesWizard.
  • Fixed: In certain circumstances, when sending multiple inquiries using different Departments that have different Output types, Easy Access wouldn’t always display the report correctly when viewing in the software (this did not affect the export file if you were exporting). Since this has never been reported as an error it must be a very unusual error.


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