Version has now been released. See the changes below. Visit the License Management Area to download this latest version. You will need to have your License ID in order to download. If you don’t have it handy, visit our Contact Page and email us.

See this page for a complete list of revisions (all released updates)


  • NEW EXPORT OPTION (Professional, Enterprise, Architect Editions): Prior versions or Easy Access gave you the option to have your reports automatically exported to a filename of your choice. But you did not have the option to choose your own file extension. Now you have the option of letting Easy Access assign the file extension for you or you can assign it yourself. See Exporting Reports for more detailed information.
  • NEW USER PASSWORD OPTION: When adding new Easy Access user passwords, Easy Access would treat these passwords as Temporary Passwords thus making the new user change their password the first time they log into the software. This is now an option. See User Passwords for more detailed information.
  • NEW EXPERIAN RISK MODEL: Added Experian/Fair Isaac Risk Model V8 (RM-AF). See Experian Risk models for a complete list supported by Easy Access.
  • While earlier versions allowed a user to view the Easy Access INI file, if the are logged into Easy Access as an Administrator, they can now easily open the ini file for editing.
  • Cleaned up the Setup Wizard. Changes only affect new installations.
  • Experian requires that Easy Access will be protected by both an administrator level password and user level password. On new installations, once the user setup these passwords, Easy Access would then force them to change both their passwords. This has been fixed.
  • Easy Access now recognizes when a user gets an HTTP 500 Internal Server Error from TransUnion and will display a message explaining the error along with giving them a link to our website to fix the problem.
  • Experian returns an HTTP 302 error when the users Net Connect password needs to be updated on Experian’s website. Easy Access explains that to the user. Now Experian is also sending an HTTP 303 errors for the same reason. If a user receives this error, EA will now also display the same explanation to the user and give them a link to our website for an explanation and instructions on how to update their Net Connect password.