Easy Access version released

Version has now been released. See the changes below. Visit the License Management Area to download this latest version. You will need to have your license ID in order to download. If you don’t have it handy, visit our Contact Page and email use.

  • Added support for TransUnion’s L2C Model Report
  • Added 2H Purpose code to the Experian Bureau Setup to support ‘Collection Inquiry (Soft)’. This was originally added to version but wasn’t showing correctly. Fixed. Note: This shows only in new installations. 
  • Added Precise ID Product type 20
  • Removed ‘Check for Updates’ from the help menu. Will be added back in as our website matures
  • Added Equifax’s ACROFILE PLUS Output/ACROFILE PLUS Print Image Combo (31)
  • Fixed Architect Edition bug. If a user, using the watch directory feature, had the Precise ID fields mapped for their import file and tried to import any other type of inquiry (like a standard Credit Profile) and left the Precise ID fields blank, they would get an import error.
  • Added some advanced options for TransUnions Certificate Management in the TransUnion Bureau Setup:
    *  New Certificate Verification. This displays the date and time the certificate was installed.
    *  A link that will let you verify your current IP Address
    *  The ability to manually delete a current certificate.
    *  A link that will take you directly to TransUnion’s Client Technical Services website where you can create a new certificate and update your IP Address list.
  • Bug Fix. Earlier =TransUnion versions, when a new certificate file was installed, it did not save the SystemID and password correctly until the software was re-installed. Fixed.