Version has now been released. See the changes below. Visit the License Management Area to download this latest version. You will need to have your license ID in order to download. If you don’t have it handy, visit our Contact Page and email use.

IMPORTANT! Please enter your email address when you are on the License Management page so you can be notified of new updates and credit bureau notifications. There are major updates coming in June for TransUnion and there always seems to be something that they are changing forcing us to make updates. We don’t want you to not be able to pull reports if you don’t have the latest update installed.

New Changes

  1. Easy Access now supports the new Enhanced Security Measures. Click here for information on implementing this feature in Easy Access.
  2. NEW SECURITY FEATURE: Masked user passwords.Earlier versions of Easy Access would display all user passwords in the setup options. This version now masks all those passwords. When an administrator add’s a new user and assigns the user a password, Easy Access treats this password as a TEMPORARY password. When the user logs in using this TEMPORARY password, they will be prompted to create their own password.This also is true if the administrator changes a current user password. If changed Easy Access will treat the new password as a temporary password forcing the user to change it when the start the software.
  3. Added new Permissible Purpose Code for Experian Collection Customers (Collection Inquiry (Soft) T-2H) for new installations. For current installations, this version allows customers to manually add this new code. See this post for more information.