Easy Access Version Released

Version has now been released. See the changes below. Visit the License Management Area to download this latest version. You will need to have your license ID in order to download. If you don’t have it handy, visit our Contact Page and email use.

IMPORTANT! Please enter your email address when you are on the License Management page so you can be notified of new updates and credit bureau notifications. There are major updates coming in June for TransUnion and there always seems to be something that they are changing forcing us to make updates. We don’t want you to not be able to pull reports if you don’t have the latest update installed.

  • Added back an old feature. GrabIT. This is for customers that can’t import from their application into Easy Access, either by our manual File Import, our Watch Directory or our HTTP Server.
  • Added new Equifax Output Type: FFF/Acrofile Plus & Print Image
  • Fixed Equifax FFF Return. In some instances, Equifax returns different segment sizes for segment ‘TC’ and ‘PT’. Now these segments are checked.
  • Watch Directory Exception: Added a new exception message that should return the Windows error message if there is a problem importing a file from the Watch Directory.
  • Added support for Precise ID type ‘6’.
  • Changes that users would make to the Import Rules was not being saved. Fixed.
  • Easy Access was not properly assigning the Read Timeout from the Network Settings. Fixed.
  • If Easy Access received an error from the credit bureau, it would resend 2 more times before displaying the error to the user. Now Easy Access only attempts to resend if the error is a timeout.
  • Added additional exception error messages while sending an inquiry. This should help diagnose connection issues a user might have while sending.
  • Re-mapped Help Buttons to the correct online help file since easyaccessonline.com has been totally redesigned.
  • Removed VSP (Virtual Serial Port) tool. No longer needed.