Annual Support/Update changes (Updated)

  • Updated 8/26/2016 

As of 10/1/2016, Annual Support/Update extensions are still optional but more expensive if you let your support expire.  You support covers email and phone support, the ability to download recent updates through the year, and the ability to see most support pages on our website. Most all of our customers have always paid for their annual support/update extensions and I thank you for that. It is what keeps Easy Access alive with continued updates covering new credit bureau products and security features along with trying to make these changes as easy to use as possible in this limited specialty market. What happens if your support expires? If you never need support or updates again, Easy Access will continue to run. It will not stop running so don’t worry about that. But the longer you let your support stay past due the more expensive it will be to renew your license.

As most of you know, I now am a one man show and take Easy Access very seriously. Not only do I offer phone and email support during business hours, but as most of you know, I continue doing email support both before and after hours along with weekends when I can. I have been writing Easy Access for more than 24 years now, but that is what makes it the best. But I want everyone running the latest version of the software. I never like to see a company down because the credit bureau has made changes but they have not stayed up-to-date on their software. In many cases, Easy Access plays a big role in your company’s day to day operations.

Also, when the credit bureaus force changes, it’s not our fault. I have had many discussions with many customers over the years because they had to renew their support to be able to get updates because of bureau changes. That is not the relationship that I want with my customers. But at the same time, I don’t think it is fair to my customers who have been paying their annual support every year to just allow other customers to let their support expire and just renew when needed. So, as of 10/1/2016, I am making changes for companies that let their support expire and later decide to renew it.

What happens if you let your support expire? Once your annual support expires you will be given a 90 day grace period to renew you support at your same renewal price. After your grace period, your support renewal will slightly increase every month until paid. After 1 year if your support/updated extension is still past due, you will need to purchase a new license of Easy Access but we will though offer this license to you at a 50% discount off our current license price. After it has been expired for more than 2 years, you would need to purchase the software, but at a 30% discount off our current license price. After 3 years expired, you will have to purchase the software at the current pricing with these exceptions:

  • I are offering a one-time only exception for currently unsupported customers through 10/1/2016 whose support has been expired past your grace period, we will let you update your support at a calculated update price depending on your license, how many licenses you currently are running Easy Access at one location or how many licenses you are running at multiple locations, and the length of time your support has been expired. This is a one tine offer and you will need to contact us for pricing.
  • As always, if you own multiple licenses of Easy Access at the same location we will support those additional licenses at a considerable discount based on how many licenses you use at that location.
  • If you have more than 2 locations and if your support is current at all of those locations, we can now offer you a considerable discount for all of your locations. You will need to contact us in those situations.

On a personal note, Easy Access was originally written back in 1993 because at the time I couldn’t afford credit software working with my Dad in his property management business. Once written, the local sales rep with Experian wanted to offer it to his customers. So I then offered it to the public. Little did I realize at the time, Real Solutions Software would be my full-time job within 6 months of its public release. It helped me raise three wonderful boys (one who is now the youngest team department leader that Google has ever had) and an overall great life. I just wanted to thank all of my customers for the support. While I don’t personally use Easy Access any longer and write other software, Easy Access has always been my pride and joy and I want to thank you for that.


Robert “Bob” Griffin

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